Booty Pot Medium
Booty Pot Medium
Booty Pot Medium
Booty Pot Medium
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Booty Pot Medium

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Our Small Booty Pot is for smaller plants like succulents, small Philodendron’s or a mini cactus which are all easy to maintain.

The Medium Booty Pot is for small-medium plants such as a Golden Pothos or Air plants which are the easiest of all to take care of only needing one water a week.

Large Booty Pots are for those larger plants we just can't fit in our smaller pots like a Young Peace lily Plant to make your room that little bit more fresh.

All PerkiePots come with a drainage hole to allow that excess water to seep out the bottom so our plants stay healthy and bacteria free.



Below are the dimensions:

Small - (L7 x W9 x H5.5)

Medium - (L11.5 x W13.5 x H8.5)

Large - (L17 x W15 x H11)

All Measurements are in CM!