Floral Time Bath Salts
Floral Time Bath Salts
Floral Time Bath Salts
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Floral Time Bath Salts

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Floral time is the ultimate flower bath. The relaxing blend of rose petals, lavender buds and calendula flowers smells and looks heavenly. Calendula flowers help prevent muscle spasms & have anti-inflammatory properties. Rose petals and rose buds provide a youthful complexion. Lavender buds soothe the mind and body.

Add approximately 2 heaped tbsp. of salts to your bath or muslin bag. Let it dissolve and enjoy pure relaxation. Light a candle, have a glass of wine and just relax while flowers surround you.


Himalayan sea salt
Dead sea salt
Epsom Salt
Organic rose petals
Rose geranium essential oil.
Lavender buds
Lavender essential oil
Calendula petals