Booty Pot Large White
Booty Pot Large White
Perkie Pots

Booty Pot Large White

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3D printed and biodegradable pot by Perkie Pots. Cute and curvy pot plant, which also makes a stunning decorative display piece or pencil holder.  

Defined & Beautiful our unique decorative pots are inspired by the female body to encourage body empowerment to embrace the female form.


Our Small Booty Pot is for smaller plants like succulents, small Philodendron’s or a mini cactus. All of these plants are easy to maintain which is even better.

The Medium Booty Pot is for small-medium plants such as a Golden Pothos or Air plants which are the easiest of all to take care of only needing one water a week.

Large Booty Pots are for those larger plants we just can't fit in our smaller pots like a Peace lily or a Bird of Paradise Plant to make your room that little bit more fresh.

All PerkiePots come with a drainage hole to allow that excess water to seep out the bottom so our plants stay healthy and bacteria free.



Below are the dimensions:

Small - (L7 x W9 x H5.5)

Medium - (L11.5 x W13.5 x H8.5)

Large - (L17 x W15 x H11)

All measurements are in CM!