Banksia Aroma Pod + Dream Diffuser Blend
Banksia Aroma Pod + Dream Diffuser Blend
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Banksia Aroma Pod + Dream Diffuser Blend

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If sleep always seems to be just out of reach, we’re here to help you reclaim it (said in our most soothing voice possible). When you can’t get enough sleep and keep waking up throughout the night, chances are, you’re not going to love life as much as you could. Adding a few drops of this specialised blend to your Banksia Aroma Pod Diffuser is exactly what you need to clear your mind, calm your nerves and enjoy better sleep.

What’s In the Flaurae Dream Essential Oil Blend?

Lemon: Reduces stressful feelings so that you drift off more easily
Marjoram: Ensures your brain is getting the oxygen it needs for better sleep
Lavender: Clears out the worries that are keeping you awake
Chamomile: Soothes your nerves to make it easier to snooze