Sustainability and Why We're Here

Sustainability. What a buzz word at the moment. Its something that is super important to me and I wanted to share with you all what it means to me and why its such an important part of House of Elaine.

For me, sustainability means that we are able to create products using earths resources at a slower rate than the earth can reproduce them. In this way there is always something left for future generations and the world can continue to naturally replenish itself. The worlds current rate of consumption is way faster than is being replenished, with world overshoot day becoming earlier and earlier each year. With consumption rates continuing to rise, it is becoming more and more important that we try to be more mindful of our purchases and their impacts. There is a great quote which says, ‘the most sustainable product is the one which already exists’. I absolutely stand by this for so many things. That’s why you’ll find a curated selection of vintage clothing and homewares available here. But for many other products this is not possible, which is why I’ve selected an incredible range of Australian-made, eco-friendly beauty products. Each of these has been selected with the earth in mind, from natural soy wax candles, to choosing oils with seasonal florals, each product matches my values and love for our beautiful planet. 

We strive to use the most sustainable packaging when posting your items. Majority of our packaging is collected from friends, family and my workplace that would otherwise been recycled. We occasionally use bubble-wrap for fragile items, we’d love if you could reuse this or find your nearest redcycle drop off.

I’ve never had strong career goals as such, only ever wanting to help make a difference, so my hope is that with this store we can make a difference, one sustainable shopper at a time.